Vesgantti - Lighting Artist
SINCE 1993
Precious and bright, noble and bright
Deduce extraordinary lighting aesthetics, create a new height in the industry
Development history
Since 1993, Vesgantti-Lighting is  has been focusing on R&D and innovation, and attaches great importance to the global
strategic layout. Now it has developed into an international lighting brand with more than 200,000 square meters of factory buildings.
● Establishment Brand in 1993
● Establishment of National Lighting Brand Chain Sales System in 2002
● In 2007,launched the global layout
● Swan Lantern won two international awards in 2010
● In 2019,set up about 800 sales outlets nationwide.
Focus on Originality
Vesgantti-Lighting has been sticking to the original road for 26 years, devoted to design, and hired many international design
cafes from Germany, Spain, Italy and so on. From an international perspective, they have established a vigorous
exploratory relationship between aesthetics and life, material and spirit, and designed it through their unique
understanding of materials, light, space and scenes. Fashionable and artistic lighting works. Giving fashion to the
soul of design, Qilang's original design products have won many awards in the industry.

Dozens of Gold Awards of International Lighting Expositions in Ancient Towns
Red Cotton Supreme Award for Innovative Design in China
Birmingham International Lighting Show "Best Fixed Lighting Design Award"
"British Luminaire Design Award of the Year"
Guangdong Provincial Contract-abiding and Credit-abiding Enterprises in 2017
China Lighting Industry Leader Brand in 2018